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Goddistas is an all female crew comprised of four members: El La Katrina, Edukate, Dalki, and Jade. Our members are spread across Madison, Milwaukee, and Hong Kong. Prior to the formation of Goddistas, each bgirl had been a powerful force in her city’s scene for years. The crew came together after Edukate moved from Atlanta to the Midwest, battling together at competitions like Breakin’ the Law and performing together at events like the National Women’s Music Festival. Two of the girls, Edukate and Jade, were even invited to compete in an exclusive all-bgirl top 16 battle in Seattle that featured competitors from around the world. In the last year in Madison, the Goddistas have competed at Madskills, Breaking Bad, Breakin’ the Law, and have performed at events like the Willy St. Festival. They represent the positive energy and self-empowerment of hip hop culture and believe that more women need that kind of energy in their lives. Their goal is to inspire more women to participate actively in the hip hop elements and to participate on a level that goes beyond gender. In addition to dancing and competing, they’ve promoted and supported hip hop on an international level, reaching places as far as Nicaragua, Hong Kong, Panama, and Copenhagen. El La Katrina has even done video work in support of the bgirl movement in Nicaragua and Panama. Additionally, the Goddistas are active in the Madison community; they work with youth at East Madison Community Center, and they organize and promote breaking events around the city.


Styles Defined Crew of Fr3sh Trilogy
Styles Defined Crew (SDC) founded by Kobby Brewoo represents the more experienced dancers in FR3SH TRILOGY. The group currently consists of 4 members. They’ve individually and together competed in numerous competitions, like Breakin’ The Law, World of Dance and illest b-boy/b-girl midwest qualifer to name a few. They also perform at multiple venues in and out of Madison, such as The Rave in Milwaukee, the Majestic theather, overture center and many more. The crew as well gets booked to perform at Quinces, birthday parties, youth events, fashion and talent shows and others. They also provide all the dance workshops F3T has to offer. Styles Defined Crew is s core all styles freestyle crew, but also combines choreography to the mix.
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