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Chill/Come Clean Entertainment
My name is William Rinehart, C.E.O. of Come Clean Entertainment.  As a promoter of concerts and artists I’m considered one of the “pioneers” of the Madison, Janesville, Beloit, Wis area. I’ve been responsible for holding events such as the “Industry Challenge”  in Beloit which awarded artists the opportunity to perform at one of the B.E.T. Hip Hop Awards after parties in Atlanta Georgia, as well as events for an opportunity to perform at the NBA All-Star Weekend this year in Houston, TX. Artists networked with many celebrities from Kurtis Blow to Rick Ross at the afterparty I held. Also I was responsible for saving the city festival in Beloit Wis, the Beloit Riverfest. Bringing in over 103 acts to perform out of the 608 and surrounding areas to showcase their talent to thousands. The difference between me and any other promoter is my main focus. is Helping artists to move ahead in their career whether it’s expanding their reach out of the 608, or networking with industry executives.  My motto has always been for the past 20+ years that “It’s not about the promoters’ pocket, but the artist career”.  I’ve stood by this for years, and with the combination of events thrown this past year as well as in the past in the 608 creating outlets for artists’ music here and literally representing the Midwest around the country, Come Clean Entertainment, Inc. has become a household name in a lot of markets. I’ve worked with industry execs for years from Slip n Slide Records, IMG Recordings/ Universal to now Bricksquad Monopoly in the capacity of promoter, manager, and even regional executive. Serving as “mentor” for a lot of artists and promoters I feel that I have earned the right to be considered for this award.

Tefman/Top of the Map Entertainment
Top of The Map Entertainment, was founded in 2006 by Midwest based Hip-Hop artist Tefman.  Since then Tefman has consistently promoted his label to a wide variety of listeners across the globe.  In the crowded society that is the music industry, you must be savvy, strategic, and marketable.  Top of the Map Entertainment is all of the above.

List of 3 events:
  • Top of the Map Entertainment Live at the Memorial Union Terrace  7-3-13
  • Madison Mixer Music Industry Seminar and Talent Showcase High Noon Saloon 6-16-13
  • Feel Good Music Album Release Party The Frequency 1-5-13

Will E. Banks of CME
Known for performing with his group around Madison, Will enjoys setting up shows. With the help of Shah Evans, Will Set up a show @ The Frequency January 28th 2013 that had a great turn out on a Sunday night. although it ended with an altercation at the last minute of the show, it went well.

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  1. I vote for chill for promoter of the year

  2. I vote for Chill promoter of the year!

  3. Good dam promoter!!!!!

  4. My Vote is for Chill , this dude gets it in State to State he is a networking genius …


  6. numero uno. #WARDLIFE

  7. Chill all the way!!

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