Jun 122014
Check out “Diamonds Only” by iREY. The song is basically a turn-up song; something you play at a party or hear on the radio. It has a very catchy and memorable hook followed by dope lyrics. Here is what iREY has to say about this track:
I worked really hard on this & I want my hard work to show. With this song I wanted to speak on something that we as people are in love with…DIAMONDS!!!!!. That’s one thing that makes us feel like we are the s!#$. I hope you guys give it a listen & if you really like let the streets hear it.
Click the picture to find the song on iREY’s mixtape, Underdog.
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Jun 122014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Madison-based non-profit Urban Community Arts Network (UCAN) announces its free Summer Hip-Hop concert series entitled “Back on the Scene.”  UCAN, the organization responsible for The Madison Hip-Hop Awards and a variety of other urban arts events, will hold these live concerts both at area parks and on the capitol square.

Confirmed event dates:
Saturday, June 28      James Madison Park

Saturday, July 5         30 On the Square
Saturday August 16   Penn Park

Each event, made possible by grants from the Madison Arts Commission and Dane Arts (and fiscal receiver, Arts Wisconsin), will allow for a minimum of six performances from the underrepresented local urban artist community, for an approximate total of forty artists for the concert series.  UCAN, in collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club Creative and Performing Arts director Greg Doby, will include youth performers in these events as well. As the events take place in public spaces, the concerts are free to attendees of all ages.

These events not only showcase the often overlooked urban music genre in Madison but also bring the urban arts community together, provide free entertainment to underserved neighborhoods and provide performance opportunities for artists without creative outlets.

 Events in James Madison Park and Penn Park will be held from 1-7pm, with performances from 2-6pm including a mix of rap and dance performances.  Between sets, a DJ will spin Hip-Hop music and we will feature beats made by local producers. We will provide some refreshments, card tables, cards, and dominoes to create a comfortable, family-BBQ style atmosphere.

 Events at 30 On the Square will be held from 5-7pm on Saturdays.  Approximately six rappers will perform in this time period as State Street and Capitol Square patrons walk by.  As this performance space can only be booked three weeks in advance, dates will be announced as they are scheduled.



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Apr 122013

The Urban Community Arts Network and Madison Media Institute are starting 2013 with a boom, a booming 808 drum loop that is. On Saturday, June 8th, from 4-8PM, Madison will be transformed into a musical battleground on which beatmakers will compete for a cash, clothing and publicity prize pot.

Judges include Ivan Rivera, manager of the multi-platinum, Grammy winning production group J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, MMI Associate Dean and veteran producer/engineer Chris “Godxilla” Taylor and Madison’s own gold-selling producer DJ Pain 1.

Come early for a professional development Q&A session with the judges and stay for the intense competition and featured performances (Carlito, OMoney and YT the Beast). Enjoy dynamic hosting by Mr. Getyourbuzzup and music by Memory.

Producers interested in competing may reserve a spot by emailing madisonhiphopawards@gmail.com or by signing up at the event.

Prizes include: $200 cash; lifetime iStandard membership; interview on iStandard; Featured slot at next iStandard event; interview on Getyourbuzzup.com; feature on upcoming GotInstrumentals.com mixtape; and a full line of Kid Smokes snapbacks.

Saturday, June 8th, 4-8PM
South Madison Center for Culture and Community
633 West Badger Road Madison, WI.
All ages event!
$25 to battle, $5 to watch.
Free for those under 18.

Battle Format:

Free elimination round: Play one 60 second beat
>>Round 1: one 60 second beat
>>Round 2: one 60 second beat
>>Round 3: one 60 second beat
Final Round: two 60 second beats

Battle rules:

  • Producers will only pay $25 entry fee if they pass the elimination round.
  • Producers must have a separate beat for each round.
  • Please come prepared with your beats ready to play on either a CD or flash drive. No exceptions.beat-brawl-2013_april22update
Feb 122013

First of its kind: Beat Makers vs. B-boys/B-girls
Featuring 2012 Madison Hip-Hop Awards winners East Madison Breakers

Mamma’s Eggrolls will be on site!

Winning B-boy/B-girl takes $50 cash prize!
Winning beat maker takes $20 Guitar Center gift card and Twitter promo blast of your best beat or website!

**Special performance by Lima Limon**

BREAKERS: 1 vs 1 battle. You will be battling to the beat makers’ beats and will judge their beats at the end of your rounds.

BEAT MAKERS: Suggested donation of $5 (or free if under 18)
Focus: bring your best BREAK BEATS.

BEAT BATTLE GUIDELINES: Beats should be 2 minutes long. Breakers will battle while your beat is played and judge who advances! Bring 5-10 beats on a LABELED CD (if you’re struggling at least 2 of these should be TRUE break beats suitable for break dancing. Others could be suited for other styles of Hip-Hop dance.)
*** Here are some examples from the breakers if you need inspiration:

Examples: This is a soundcloud example of a break DJ from the east coast who creates his own break remixes. https://soundcloud.com/octopusfleg/happy-new-year-from-dj-fleg
This is a classic break. Any bboy/bgirl will get down to this any night of the week. No question. http://youtu.be/OWl01JD-CtQ
Here’s an original break that’s been sampled a lot in the last several years.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXzB5Ivr72U

*****NOT looking for songs remixed with the apache drums. That’s been done to death. We’re also not looking for the electrofunk you hear in movies like “Breakin”–ironically enough, those are more well-suited for popping.******

**Please email madisonhiphopawards@gmail.com to sign up (we would appreciate it ahead of time, but you will be able to sign up at the door.**


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Feb 112013

Jesse Lester, voted R&B Artist of the Year at the 2012 Madison Hip-Hop Awards, is an artist whose voice puts you in the mind of Jaheim or Christopher Williams. He’s a great songwriter and a powerful vocalist who has opened for acts such as Day 26 of Bad Boy Entertainment, Twista, and Ashton Roth and more.

Jan 232013

MAMA, Inc. extends registration deadline for 2013 Madison Area Music Awards

MAMA, Inc. is extending the deadline to January 31, 2013 for artists to register for consideration for the 2013 Madison Area Music Awards. Due to this extension, the first round of voting will now open on February 4, 2013. Let’s make sure the Hip-Hop community is well represented for the MAMAs 10th Anniversary!

All categories will remain open including album, song, performer, vocalist and instrumentalist awards.

Significant changes were made this year and can be found here (link to http://themamas.org/madison-area-music-awards-registration/faq-rules/). This includes the weighting of votes for artists registered in their respective categories, which moves the results toward peer selection.

Youth categories are unaffected. Youth award registrations are open until May 15, 2013. There is no membership donation requirement for youths to enter.

The rest of the voting calendar remains unchanged and is as follows:

Jan 31 – Registration Ends

Feb 4 – First Round of Voting Begins

March 15 – First Round of Voting Ends

March 21 – Finalist Party @ Brink Lounge

March 22 – Final Round of Voting Begins

May 15 – Youth Registration Ends

May 17 – Final Round of Voting Ends

Sunday, June 23 – 10th Annual Madison Area Music Awards at The Capitol Theater

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