Jan 142013


In spring of 2012, Madison, Wisconsin-based hip hop artist Ben Z released his anticipated compilation album “my mixtape”.
my mixtape” has gained fans across the globe with its wide variety of beats and production work as well as Ben Z’s well-crafted lyrics. Various producers laid the foundation with distinct production styles that demanded strong lyrical content to match. Indeed, Ben Z brought well-crafted vivid rhymes to each track that will surely exceed expectations. “my mixtape” also features guest emcees such as Sphinx the Unfathomable, Brasco, BioLogic, Genesis the 8th, and others! This album features producers from the US, Canada, the UK, Greece, and more.
From the beginning of the album, it is clear that Ben Z has aligned himself with amazing talent from around the globe. The intro and outro tracks are remixes that were created and voted on by fans and followers of Ben Z and the Upcoming Hip Hop Artists pages on SoundCloud and Facebook. With so many originals, remixes, and even two cyphers hosted by Ben Z himself, it is clearly audible that “my mixtape”  confirms Ben Z is one to watch.
Listen and Download: http://benz.bandcamp.com/album/my-mixtape
For more on Ben Z: www.benzmusic.com

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  1. Thanks for the support! Madison hip hop it is!

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