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Voting is now closed. Thanks for your votes! Please join us THIS Saturday at the Barrymore Theater to find out who won! Get your tickets at the door or in advance at

**Round 2 Voting is now open! YOU CHOOSE the winners!**
Scroll down for instructions on how to vote and see the nominees!

2 Rounds of Voting
Round 1: Sept 12-Oct 4 determines final nominees
The 1st round submissions will be listed and you will find links to artist pages on If there were 5 or fewer submissions for a category, those people will automatically advance to the 2nd round. We will announce the names prior to Round 2 voting.

Round 2: Oct 10-Nov 3 determines the winners!
The top 5 nominees in each category will be up for voting. You tell us who should grace the stage at the Awards show on Saturday, November 8, 2014.

Male Artist of the Year

DJ Sixteen
Dash D.U.B.
David Yang
K.I.N.G. Kronos


Female Artist of the Year

Amy Alida
Crown Vic
Sammy 2Gunz


Group of the Year

420 KR3W
BloodLines 1neofmani
Play Fair Cypher


R&B Artist of the Year

Amy Alida
Josh Hayes
Jesse Lester


Rookie of the Year

Amy Alida
Riel Prophet
Bloodlines 1neofmani
Tom Blonde


Producer of the Year

Chris LaBella
DJ Pain 1


Sound Engineer of the Year

Chris LaBella
Jonathan Schaub


DJ of the Year 

DJ Edukate


Song of the Year

7 Figure Dreams – Dash D.U.B.
A Dead End Called Merry St. – K.I.N.G. Kronos
Before the Jewels – Crown Vic
It’s a Movie HD – DJ Sixteen
It’s All the Same – Bloodline 1ofmani


Video of the Year

Living on Dreams – Chris LaBella
Back Drop – HavocTheAddict
Guaranteed – Crown Vic
Krazy (freestyle) – Chaos NewMoney, Clique Films
We the Best – Chris Jack, Cash Moody, Kane-O, &YD (Dir. Michael Alston)

Album of the Year

Gun Thief – 420 KR3W
I Want More – Play Fair Cypher
Illuminati Vol 2: Heaven Bound – DPA
On My Way – David Yang
Reintroducing Keon Andre, Vol 1 – Keon Andre


Mixtape of the Year

Badger Pride, Wisco Love
Blackheart 3 (part 1) – Dash D.U.B.
Hope Rising – Doughboy
Painkillerz 3
Small Town, Big City Issues – Crown Vic


Collab of the Year

Effective Delegation – 9 Delegates [Jesse Lester, Berk Steezo, Cory Park, K.I.N.G Kronos)
So Much Dope – Jay B Coolin ft. Ziggy Wisco
This Grind – 420KR3W ft. Tas Raww
Wide Open – Play Fair Cypher ft. Sara Seashell
Work It Out – DJ Sixteen ft. Gualla


Videographer of the Year 

Michael Alston
Arissa Washington
Niko Carter (Clique Films)
Photographer of the Year 
Chris LaBella

Promoter of the Year

Rhyme & Reason
Pardon My Work Ent
Zent Events


Hip-Hop Dancers of the Year

Styles Defined Crew of Fr3sh Trilogy


Radio Personality of the Year  

ANT Da HopeBoy
DJ Big Juice


Fan of the Year  

Chris Holland
Bruce ‘Moose’ Johnson
Amber E.
Mayte Garcia

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Thanks for Voting!

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  83 Responses to “Vote Now!”

  1. i vote for dpa

  2. I vote for BAMN Inc

  3. I Vote MADTOWNKING!!!


  5. i vote DJ Pain 1

  6. I vote dj pain 1

  7. I vote Sam Cooke, gifted lyricist, voice like velvet

  8. vote forDj Pain

  9. i vote DJ Pain!!

  10. i vote for dj pain1

  11. i VOTE WI$CO!!!!! for artist of the year

  12. i vote for wi$co for artist of the year and best colab of the year

  13. I Vote WI$SCO x RAYBAN ” We Up Next “

  14. SAM COOKE, 100%.

  15. I vote Sam Cooke! Artiist, Collaboration (with E Sweez) and Song of the year!!!!

  16. I vote Victoy For Producer of the Year

  17. DJ Pain 1

  18. I vote for Clifton Beefy

  19. good luck Sam……

  20. I vote for Sam Cooke

  21. I vote RIP…one of the best artist madison to this day. Good luck Josh

  22. i vote for D.P.A good look sweetie

  23. I vote for Jesse Lester – Heartstrings for Song of the year.

  24. Where is Walks the Runner on this list?

  25. Hefnerrrrrr!!! The Realest Rapper out here

  26. Pretty boy Hefner

  27. i vote dj pain 1

  28. I vote for micheal medall the next step

  29. Superior Webbs! Go to You Tube and check these guys out! Vote for Superior Webbs/Number Twenty Films for video and song of the year, “Don’t Know How”

  30. Chill will for promoter of the year

  31. Tas raww for every category he’s nominated for

  32. I vote for tas raww.

  33. i vote tas raww 420kr3w!


  35. I VOTE – Higher Education Records – Group of the year….

    I VOTE – Bed and Breakfast – Higher Education Records – Video of The Year

    I VOTE – Higher Education: Lesson II – Higher Education Records – Mixtape of The Year


  36. i also vote Thieves to Thrones – Duke Daeo – Album of the year

  37. […] Awards are going down November 9th, and you can help us win the best hip hop dance crew category by voting between now and November 4th! Interestingly, we’re the only breakers AND the only women in […]

  38. I vote wisco and rayban for best collab and dj victory for producer

  39. I Vote For BLOODLINE- Best Group Of the Year

    I Vote For BLOODLINE- Best Song Of the Year

    I Vote For BLOODLINE- Best Mixtape Of the Year

  40. I vote for Edukate!

  41. #crownvic

  42. I vote Jonathan Schaub for sound engineer of the year!

  43. i vote Riel Prophet!

  44. Snipeboyz


    RI EL PROPHET all day!

  47. Jonathan Schaub all the way. This kid works his ass off.

  48. i Vote my niggga Riel Prophet

  49. i Vote my bro Riel Prophet

  50. Jonathan Schaub for Sound Engineer!!

  51. Tom Blonde for rookie of the year!

    he knocked me up then left the state!

  52. I vote for Amy Alida

  53. I vote for Amy Alida!!!!

  54. I vote for Amy Alida

  55. I vote AMY ALIDA

  56. I vote Amy Alida!

  57. I vote Amy Alida

  58. I vote Amy Alida

  59. Not sure if this is voting but trying to vote for r&B artist of the year. I vote for Amy Alida

  60. I vote Amy Alida!

  61. I vote for dj sixteen

  62. I vote Amy Alida!

  63. Amy Alida!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  64. Play Fair Cypher for Group of the year and Album of the year and Collab of the year

  65. I vote for Amy Alida!!!!

  66. I vote Amy Alida!


  68. PFC!

  69. i vote for Amy alida

  70. Aye Jo CROWNED VIC


  71. Aye Jo I Vote ” CROWNED VIC ”


  72. Vote for DJ Big Juice!!!

  73. I vote crown vic- Guaranteed

  74. I vote Crown Vic #guaranteed

  75. I vote for Crown Vic!

  76. I vote for Crown Vic for female artist of the year!

  77. I vote for Amy Alida for female artist of the year!

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