Jul 302012

Untamed Youth Music is a Hip Hop group that consists of MC Genesis,
the artist, and MrIAMBLAiSE. the producer. Their first mixtape ‘The
Mixtape’ was a big hit with their fans with hot singles like Best
Thing Flowin’, Biggest Inspiration, and Haterz Talkin’. Also featured
many special guests including Patrice, Dusk One, Pragmatic, Kameo, and
a few more. Both MC Genesis and MrIAMBLAiSE are from Greenville, WI
but moved to Minneapolis, MN to persue their music carrer and dreams
of getting to the top and have met many good people on the way. ‘Dirty
Greenville Kids’ Official music video was shot in their hometown with
their closest friends. ‘DGK’ is also their first single of their
upcoming album ‘No Sleep EP’ coming out at the end of summer.

Dirty Greenville Kids Official Video –

Twitter: http://twitter.com/untamedyouthtc
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/UntamedYouthMusic

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