Feb 122013

First of its kind: Beat Makers vs. B-boys/B-girls
Featuring 2012 Madison Hip-Hop Awards winners East Madison Breakers

Mamma’s Eggrolls will be on site!

Winning B-boy/B-girl takes $50 cash prize!
Winning beat maker takes $20 Guitar Center gift card and Twitter promo blast of your best beat or website!

**Special performance by Lima Limon**

BREAKERS: 1 vs 1 battle. You will be battling to the beat makers’ beats and will judge their beats at the end of your rounds.

BEAT MAKERS: Suggested donation of $5 (or free if under 18)
Focus: bring your best BREAK BEATS.

BEAT BATTLE GUIDELINES: Beats should be 2 minutes long. Breakers will battle while your beat is played and judge who advances! Bring 5-10 beats on a LABELED CD (if you’re struggling at least 2 of these should be TRUE break beats suitable for break dancing. Others could be suited for other styles of Hip-Hop dance.)
*** Here are some examples from the breakers if you need inspiration:

Examples: This is a soundcloud example of a break DJ from the east coast who creates his own break remixes. https://soundcloud.com/octopusfleg/happy-new-year-from-dj-fleg
This is a classic break. Any bboy/bgirl will get down to this any night of the week. No question. http://youtu.be/OWl01JD-CtQ
Here’s an original break that’s been sampled a lot in the last several years.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXzB5Ivr72U

*****NOT looking for songs remixed with the apache drums. That’s been done to death. We’re also not looking for the electrofunk you hear in movies like “Breakin”–ironically enough, those are more well-suited for popping.******

**Please email madisonhiphopawards@gmail.com to sign up (we would appreciate it ahead of time, but you will be able to sign up at the door.**


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